Saturday, June 1, 2013

Little Nugget

A little nugget this morning:

We've been working on Little C's motor skills, which are still a bit laggy here and there.  Dressing himself is one of the lags.

We are MAKING him dress himself every morning, and he is less than enthused about this new process.  He often whines, "I can't.  It is hard for me."

I have taken to responding, a la Momastery, "Yes, you can.  You can do hard things."

Then we work on it

This morning, we laid out his clothes for him, intending to work on them with him once we were done with our morning routine.

Baby boy dressed himself, then came to me and said solemnly, "Mom.  I can do hard things."

Yes you can, kid.  Yes you can.

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