Friday, February 22, 2013

There's a post brewing

I'm gonna post something real soon, promise.  I have a bunch of cool (does anyone say "cool" anymore?) photos that I took on an outing last weekend that I want to bore you with share with you.  AND, my children have been doing lots of interesting things lately.  LOTS.  I plan on enumerating on the things they've been doing in enough detail that it will thoroughly humiliate them as adults one day.

WHAT?  I'm a parent.  IT'S WHAT I DO.

But it's not bedtime yet, and I only have approximately three minutes before someone starts screaming about something inconsequential, so I'm just going to post this photo (pic? shot? I'm still mulling that one.  Photography lingo is very confusing).

I caught sight of this guy while I was out for a run, and just knew he was going to be gone by the time I looped back around and was (conceivably) able to grab my camera in time to get a shot of him.  He stayed put, though, so I snapped away for a good twenty minutes, long after it was too dark to get anything halfway decent.

It was only after I got home that I realized that he did not move the entire time I was out there.

To my neighbors: If he's fake, nobody tell me, K?

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