Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Freida. Because she just looks like a Freida.

After yesterday's uber-cheerful post, today I give you Freida. Or approximately 1/4 of Freida, whatever.
Let's just pretend I bought the head and not the rear end, shall we?

Who is Freida, you ask? Freida is a goat that I (mostly) bought through Heifer International, and she's going to change the lives of her recipients, along with her partner in crime for a child here in the States, Paul-The-Night-Night-Package.  Rather than blow that money on things I think I need, I decided to use it on something I know people less fortunate need.

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, I thought a lot about what I could do.  Unlike a national disaster, there are very few concrete things to do to help in this type of situation.

Thanks to the magic of social media, though, I came across this article, and got inspired.

Here's what we can do.  We can put a little more love out there in the world, in memory of those lost, one small act at a time.  It's what I would want for my child, because acts of kindness last so much longer than just writing a check.

Join me, and pass it on.

*To donate to Project Night Night, providing comfort for a homeless child, click here.

*To buy a surprisingly useful farm animal for a family struggling to feed their children, click here.

*If you're too poor to afford 1/4 of a goat, or just all gift-ed out, click here to find out how you (and your kids) can create a winter wonderland for the kids of Sandy Hook.

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