Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here There and Everywhere

Sometimes I feel like parenthood is an Indie 500 race, but with more critical pit stops and fewer cute pit-crew guys.  At least I'm assuming they're cute, as I've never actually KNOWN any pit-crew guys.  They're probably all hillbilly slobs, but LEAVE ME MY ILLUSIONS, PLEASE.

Now that Big C is in kindergarten and actually learning things from someone other than Tad in the Leapfrog videos, AND little C is settling into part-time pre-K, AND I'm cramming for a major test, AND killing myself training, I'm pretty sure everything is a blur at this point.

Which may explain why the dog looked extremely confused tonight when I very wearily instructed him tonight to GO FIND YOUR BOOKSACK NOW.

The good news is that despite having more on my plate now than ever, I'm feeling better than ever, strangely enough.  After about two weeks of detoxing from junk food like an addict on crack, I'm finally forming some better eating habits, which is resulting in more energy for working out, which resulted in THIS last night:

It doesn't look like much, but it's the best time I've EVER posted, and at the longest distance.  And I felt GREAT doing it.  Add to this the hard nights put in working at Insanity (the workout routine, not the mental state at which I ROCK already), and I'm in the best shape I've ever been in, and feeling pretty confident going into this race thing.

Then, today, we get this in Big C's friendly little Kindergarten Parent/Teacher communication folder:

It's a reading/comprehension skill set test-y thingee.  Which I didn't even know he was being scored on, but for which the average score is 23 and my kid scored 88.  EIGHTY EIGHT.  Seriously off the charts.

I am proud and also so, so bewildered.  His teacher and I will be talking soon, methinks.

Next up is little C's observation at typical Pre-K, which is coming up Thursday. Read: Thursday Day of Anxiety (for Mom).  I'm hoping all goes well, although I can't actually say what exactly I'm hoping for.

Luckily, his therapists and way smarter than me and also extremely patient with all of my craziness concerns, so I'm sure I'll get a pretty comprehensive run down, after which I will nod sagely and act like I knew exactly how well he'd do all along.

They humor me.

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