Sunday, September 23, 2012

Alaska Loves Me


I'd heard that Blogger was having some issues, so I logged in with a vague notion of making sure my ramblings were still where I left them, and THEN I SAW THIS:

Not only have I gotten a pretty crazy number of hits since my last post considering I only know about five people, but AT LEAST ONE PERSON WAS FROM ALASKA.

You know what that means, right?

It means my hit count can't POSSIBLY be entirely thanks to my mom, sitting at home hitting the refresh button.

Hello, validation.  Nice to meet you.

Seriously, thanks for reading my crazy ramblings, even if you did stumble across my site when what you were ACTUALLY looking for was cute cat videos on YouTube.

While drunk.

Okay, for now it's back to studying.  I'll probably have a suitably emotionally unbalanced post later in the week, after I have to pick up my kid from the clinic FOR THE LAST TIME.

I know.  Contain your excitement, please.  Pass the Xanex first, though.

**P.S.--Did you know that the coefficient of variation can be used to compare two distributions to determine which has the greater variability relative to expected value?


P.P.S. -- FINE.  Here.

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