Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Month That Tried to Kill Me

Sometimes I wish I had the time to blog every day, because I'm really fumbling to try to encapsulate the last three weeks into one posting.  The insanity would seem much more manageable in small doses.

One would assume.

Because my originality has gone the way of my sanity, and also because I'm still a little raw about it, I'm going to beta-cap dropping off the teenager for his big move, a la Lincee Ray.  Also, she's a genius and you should totally read her blog.  Except that you'd probably need to watch The Bachelor and Bachelor Party for it to make sense, and I dunno about that these days, but whatever.  I digress.  Beta cap.  Here we go.

Kid packing, Daddy fretting, Cyd soothing, car loading, Leavin' on a Jet Plane humming, holy-cow-what-was-I-thinking-taking-two-little-kids-along-for-an-hour-long-road-trip-ing, airport treking, Daddy brave-facing, Cyd calm faking, Kid farewell-ing, reality hitting, CYD CRYING,  TSA agent fish-eyeing, strangers staring, something-about-FaceTime blubbering, car retreating.

In short, he is fine, and very patient with his hysterical stepmother.  We are ALMOST fine.  It was the right thing, but let's face it--sometimes the right thing just sucks.  The good news is that thanks to FaceTime, we now see him more than when we actually lived in the same house.

So that was wave one.  After a short period of semi-recuperation, this little monster turned five years old.

FIVE.  YEARS.  OLD.  You know, the age at which children START KINDERGARTEN.

Hello, Wave Three

And, just to put the icing on the soon-to-be-Valium-laced cake, this one started an actual, honest-to-God typical preschool program the same day.  

Lovable, yes.  Picture happy, not so much.

It's early days yet, and he still attends therapy three days a week, but so far it's going really, really well.  Not surprisingly, I fretted through their entire first day, only to come home to learn that little C had a great day, getting a "happy face" on his first real school behavior chart, while big C was already "over" the whole thing, and Mommy, could you please move?  You're blocking the TV.

I was so relieved that we had all made it through the small tsunami that was this month that I got a little excited, and when a friend posted on Facebook that he was doing this, and asked who wanted to join him, I was all "I'll do it!  Sounds like fun!"  And then I actually looked at the website and learned that there was fire and barbed wire involved and came to the conclusion that I had finally lost my mind for real.

However, I have since come to the conclusion that this is going to be a really good thing for me.  I need to do something out of the box, something empowering...something to keep me distracted from fretting.  I'm in pretty good shape now, but I've got a lot of training to do between now and October to keep from completely humiliating myself.  

Fun fact: I actually made up a highly detailed training calendar, complete with periodic "rewards" for staying on track with training and eating healthy.  One of my fellow autism-moms saw my post about this, suggested I just might be overthinking it a bit, but said she'd give me points for using ABA techniques on myself.

And I laughed.  But only until I looked at my calendar again and realized she was right, and then I was a little embarrassed.

In any case, we all survived this month in one piece.  I'm just hoping I can quote the same survival rate come October.  Until then, my new motto:

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