Thursday, February 2, 2012

Embarassing, and yet not surprising

It's been one of those days at the end of which I am nearing total meltdown mode, but here's a funny tidbit about my day...

My teenager is scheduled for a surprise outpatient surgery tomorrow during which they're going to remove a rather large kidney stone from his inner workings.  We followed this appointment up by rushing to take my 4-year old to a checkup that had already been scheduled with another physician.  Still a little frazzled from talk of surgery and anesthesia and this-kind-of-scopy and that-kind-of-medication, I realized I'd brought all of the pre-op paperwork into the pediatrician's waiting room with me.  And then I realized I was getting some funny looks, but with the way my day was going, I probably had managed to only put makeup on one side of my face or something.  SO totally not surprising.

Trying to take advantage of the few "free" minutes I had in the waiting area (such as they were, given the presence of a restless 4-year old), I sat down to fill out a few pages of paperwork.

When I turned over the envelope to open it, I realized the source of the funny looks.

I kinda forgot about the helpful little illustration the nurse drew to inform us about the procedure.  On the back of the packet I was holding.  Of a penis.

Holy cow, I need this day to be over STAT.

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