Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Birth of a Future Marriage

Last weekend, Big C had a Cub Scout event to attend with his friend B, which meant Little C tagging along and playing with B's little sister to pass the time.  Luckily, he and said little sister are fast friends.

Said little sister is ALSO a little bit of a diva-in-training, and loves to do all things girly.  She's forever hauling Little C off to play this or come see that, and talks his ear off along the way.

Generally, Little C is a good sport.  He loves everyone, and just about everyone loves him, so he's willing to go along with just about anything.  He humors Little Sister a lot (tolerance is something he mayhap learned out of self-preservation in this house.  Who knows about these things, really?)

So I was happily snapping photos at the event last weekend, and noticed Little C and Little Sister sitting and happily talking, being all friend-ly.  I still get a little choked up sometimes, seeing him play with actual friends, that I sort of habitually snap photos when I see the magic in action - partly to preserve the  memories, partly out of some irrational paranoia that his social skills will one day go poof and I'll need hard evidence that they ever existed (I didn't say I was a particularly rational person, now did I?).

Y'all.  I didn't realize the gold I had obtained with these photos until later.

BEHOLD: The funniest and most true-to-life photos I have ever taken.


You're welcome.

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