Thursday, October 11, 2012

Well. That sneaked up on me.

Two weeks ago, I absentmindedly wrote a check for little C's fall pictures, then promptly forgot about it.  Somehow, writing a check for his fall pictures did not connect with the fact that he would actually be taking fall pictures.

I blame studying.  STUPID EDUCATION.

Anyway, it was kind of a blessing in disguise that I forgot all about it, because by some miracle, my husband happened to dress little C in a cute and matching outfit this morning (in lieu of our usual throw-on-whatever's-clean-and-easily-accessible method of dressing), so he was in pretty good shape for the photographers that his mom was oblivious about.

Really, it was all for the best, because the result was THIS:

His first official, honest-to-God, in-all-its-crazy-hair-glory Pre-K picture.  


I'm so proud.

Know why I'm proud?

Because the last time this kid was in front of a flash bulb, there was mass hysteria.  And by "mass," I mean him freaking out, and me freaking out MORE.  Hence, "mass."  One big mass of hysteria.

It was ugly enough that we never went back to a photography studio.

This picture sneaked up on me, because if I'd had time to remember that he was scheduled to take a picture that morning, I would also have remembered the frantic, tear-filled, ear-clutching disaster that was our last experience in a studio setting.

Which would not have been good for anyone.

I think I may have discovered the key to this parenting thing...

Stay too hectic tired stressed busy to freak out.

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