Sunday, April 8, 2012

Egg hunt. Or Car hunt, whatever.

So I was feeling adventurous today. Also a little guilty, as having neurotypical older children in addition to an autistic child often leads to the NT kids missing out because little C Mommy can't handle things. So I decided come hell or high water, we were going on an Easter egg hunt today.

This experiment had, shall we say, mixed results.

Big C? He had a blast. Mission accomplished. Little C? He too had fun, albeit a different kind of fun than most of the other children.

Mommy? Well, Mommy is reconsidering her policy on abstinence.  I figure God would totally understand if I became an alcoholic at this point.

When my best friend first invited us to crash join in their neighborhood Easter egg hunt, I spent the next two days waffling between thinking "Hey, that would be a great development opportunity!" and "Oh HELL no," because really, what says fun like a hundred kids running around on a hill near an open body of water, all dressed relatively similarly to mine and paying scant to their surroundings?

Maybe it's just me.

Eventually, big C asked if we were going FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, and I wasn't paying attention and accidentally said yes, and then I was stuck.

I can't be certain, but I'm starting to suspect there was a thought process behind that.

Upon arrival, big C immediately channeled his inner redneck and set up camp in a truck bed.

Seriously, all he needed was a beer

Little C was all OMG there's a tire in here!

Mom, I'm going to need you to stick this in your purse

Recently, he's discovered making faces at himself in reflective surfaces.  Which is, seriously, just about the 
funniest thing ever.

Note that big C is the only one getting the long distance shot.  I was pretty much glued to little C.

Two kids, one shot = TEN POINTS FOR MOMMY.  Even if it is @#%^ upside down

Two words: "Cars" erasers.

Annnd, just like that I lost him.

There was a brief moment in which he showed interest in this little girl, until he darted over and snatched a "Chesco Doodie" (read: Francesco Bernuli) eraser from her.  Um, happy Autism Awareness month?

This one was having his own kind of fun.  As a side note, whoever put stamps in the eggs:  SO NOT FUNNY.

Really, though, things went better than I expected, all told.  And as a bonus, when you look at it from the perspective of SPREADING AUTISM AWARENESS, I'd say the day really couldn't have gone better.  I'm gonna go ahead and say I planned it that way.

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