Monday, November 28, 2011

No better feeling

Yes, I've been a very negligent blogger lately. For those of you who may actually follow me (hi, mom), I apologize. Sort of. There's a large part of me that wants to let loose maniacal laughter at the thought of having time to blog on a somewhat predictable basis. But whatever. You get the sentiment, at least.

On to my so-giddy-I-almost-passed-out motherly moment of today. I showed up to pick up the little man this afternoon, and he saw me though the glass door of the center. He had to wait his turn, and I could see him getting visibly excited. No sooner did that door open than he came FLYING towards me, yelling "Mommy! Mommy!!"

Now, to the other 1/120th of the nation's parents, this may be a common occurrence, one easily taken for granted. But you know better, don't you? You know how my throat instantly went tight with tears, my eyes stung, my lip was determined to tremble. My baby has said that word before, yes, but this was the first time he really SAID it. Not in observation, not to label me--my baby CALLED for me. That one word said more than the casual observer could have guessed. It said, "It's you! You're finally here! I missed you. I love you. Now let's go home."

Joint attention/relationship skills, you've been a fickle biotch thus far, but thanks for finally showing up to the party.

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